IT Training workshops are available to all students in St George's, University of London and to the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education.


Location: All workshops are held in the Library Training Room.

These sessions are for those who wish to develop their skills in Microsoft Office applications. You may want to give a presentation, create a chart in Excel or use Access for collecting data. Whatever your reason, attending one or more of these workshops will be time well spent.

Useful for Student Selected Component (SSC)

Understanding the the automatic functions built into Word and Excel and how to use them can save time and improve results.


Student Word Workshops

Word - Fundamentals (basic user) 1.5 hours

Would you like to learn some basic formatting techniques? This hands-on course is for you.

You will learn how to

  • Change fonts, add italics/bold/underline, superscript and subscript
  • Add symbols
  • Set margins
  • Use indentations
  • Set line spacings
  • Add page numbers
  • Create bullet lists
  • Use various ways to cut, copy and paste
  • Spellchecker and thesaurus

Word - For Module Assignments, Dissertations & Theses (competent user) 1.5 hours

If you are creating a document for others to review, you can keep track of changes while they edit.  You can decide the final outcome of a document, by accepting or rejecting the changes. If working with multiple versions of the same document, you can compare documents and merge tracked changes.

You will learn how to

  • Track and manage document changes
  • Add and review comments
  • Prevent editing and formatting changes
  • Compare and merge documents

Excel workshops

Excel Spreadsheets - Best Practice 1.5 hours

Excel Best Practice is aimed at students who have little or no knowledge of Excel, or who would like a refresher on how to apply some built-in Excel 2013 functions.

Course contents

  • Understand Excel terminology
  • Enter, edit, select, copy, and move data
  • Write simple formulas using plus +, minus -, multiply *, divide /
  • Use built-in functions Sum, Average, Min & Max
  • Delete and insert columns and rows
  • Create charts
  • Using Auto Fill
  • Cell referencing
  • Copying & Pasting Formulas

Benefits of the course
On completion of this course, the student will understand Excel terminology, gain the skills needed to enter data and perform simple calculations.

Excel - Analysing Data with Tables 1.5 hours

Tables make it easier to find and summarise the data you are working with. Tables allows you to quickly sort and filter plus much more.

Course contents

  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Sort and Filter Data
  • Use Summary and Database Functions

Benefits of the course

On completion of this course, the student will know how to use Excel Table feature. 

Excel - Visualising Data with Charts 1.5 hours

Charts enable you to view your data in ways that are best to present your data. They enable you to see relationships, patterns, and trends in your data.

Course contents

  • Create Charts
  • Modify and Format Charts
  • Create a Trendline
  • Create Advanced Charts

Excel - Descriptive Statistics 1.5 hours

This hands-on work shop will give each student the skills and knowledge on how to calculate descriptive statistics in Excel 2013.  

Course contents

  • Calculate the Mean, Standard deviation, Count, Min, Max, Median, IQR, Mode, Percentages, Variance, Frequency
  • Calculate the Standard Error of the mean and the confidence intervals
  • Use the Data Analysis ToolPack

Benefits of the course
On completion of this course, the student will know how to use Excel statistical functions to analyse data. 

Excel - PivotTables 1.5 hours

A hands-on work shop where you will gain the skills to analyse data very quickly using the PivotTable feature to summarise, analyse, investigate and present large amounts of collected data. 

Course contents

  • Create a PivotTable
  • Add fields to a PivotTable
  • Change field settings in a PivotTable
  • Apply a filter to a PivotTable
  • Change the layout of a PivotTable

PowerPoint workshops

PowerPoint Introduction (basic user) 1.5 hours

Need to create a presentation as part of your course? Learn the basic features offered in PowerPoint and how to create presentation slides. If you want to produce professional and exciting presentations, this enjoyable and extremely useful workshop is for you

You will learn how to

  • Create slides using design templates
  • Incorporate images into your presentation
  • Use the drawing tools
  • Use animation effects
  • Print slides
  • View your presentation
  • Get some tips on presentation skill

PowerPoint Advanced (competent user) 1.5 hours

Do you want to learn about some other features, which are offered in PowerPoint? Learn how to customise your presentations with videos and pictures.

You will learn how to

  • Create master and title slides
  • Embed, edit and play a video in your presentation
  • Trim an audio or video clip
  • Use bookmarks in your audio and video clips
  • Link to a video from a website
  • Crop your pictures with more precision Use new SmartArt graphic picture layout

Creating a Poster in PowerPoint (competent user) 1.5 hours

You can create a poster and add your own information to a PowerPoint poster slide. Posters are made up of elements that include text boxes, tables, graphs, images and design elements such as lines and shapes.

You will learn how to

  • Look at design and layout
  • Use text boxes
  • Use fonts
  • Use grids and guides
  • Embed charts from Excel
  • Add tables
  • Add graphics, photos and figures
  • Add shapes
  • Add backgrounds
  • Save your poster and send to the printer


Microsoft Office Drop-in

MS office dropin 2016

IT support is offered to assist in the use of Microsoft Office 2010 on a drop in basis.

Tuesday and Thursday 11am - 1pm

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you would like to book IT training or if you need any information.

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IT Trainer in the Library

The IT trainer offers group or one-to-one tailored tuition and support onsite in Microsoft Office® applications.

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Fiona Graham: 020 8725 5662