As an SGUL researcher, you can get help with managing your data at each stage of your project from the RDM Service.

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Before you get started...

  • Your funder may require you to produce a Data Management Plan as part of the grant application process: book an appointment for assistance with this, attend our termly training or use the DMPOnline tool with SGUL-tailored guidance and standard answers
  • You need to be aware of any funder requirements with regards access to your data, as well as the SGUL Research Data Management policy 

During your research...

  • There are online resources and training sessions provided to help with best practice in data management
  • Learn about describing and organising your data
  • Find out where you might store your data and the procedure for increasing active data storage, if needed 

At the end of your project...

  • Get in touch with the SGUL Research Data Manager for assistance with long-term preservation and archiving of your data
  • Deposit your data in a suitable repository to help other researchers to discover and re-purpose your data (with attribution)

RDM resources

Information on related SGUL training sessions and details on how to contact Computing Services for data management-related issues are available. There are also some useful self-guided resources on research data elsewhere on the web that you might find helpful.

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