As a SGUL researcher, you can get help with managing your data at each stage of your project from the RDM Service. We will help you to create, manage and share data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) and in line in funder and publisher policies.

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Before you get started…

-          Your funder may require you to produce a Data Management Plan as part of the grant application process. We offer support in creating data management plans

-          Does your study need NHS Ethics review? What about internal SGUL ethics review? View our ‘Before you get started’ page for advice and support

-          Are you handling sensitive data? Find out what our policies are and what support is available

During your research

-          Find out where you can store your data, collaborate on projects and the procedure for increasing active data storage, if needed

-          Learn about standards for describing data in your field

-          Find out about quality assurance and quality control

At the end of your project

-          Get in touch with the SGUL Research Data Support Manager for assistance with long-term preservation and archiving of your data

-          Deposit your data in a suitable repository to help other researchers to discover and re-purpose your data (with attribution)

-          Get guidance on using the St George’s Research Data Repository on our end of project page

RDM resources

-          There are self-guided data management and sharing resources available on the web

-          The RDM Service also offers bespoke small group training and support

-          Find resources on SGUL information governance policies, procedures and guidelines on our RDM Resources page


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