The Wellcome Trust has a strong commitment to making the published outputs of research it has funded open access. See their Open access at the Wellcome Trust webpage for links to guides, reports and much more.

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Original peer-reviewed research articles and non-commissioned review articles

For claiming open access fees for original peer-reviewed research articles and non-commissioned review articles reporting research funded by the Wellcome Trust, please refer to the COAF page.


Monograph publications

Wellcome Trust requires that original published monographs and book chapters arising from research they have funded be made freely available via the Europe PMC and the PMC Bookshelf repositories. More information on monograph publications available.


Acknowledgement of funding

Please also see Wellcome Trust Research publication acknowledgement practice: guidance for authors



If the publications do not meet the Wellcome Trust open access requirements, sanctions will apply, both for the researcher and their institution. For details please refer to Wellcome Trust Authors FAQ 11.



The Wellcome Trust is one of the supporters of eLife , an non-profit open access online journal for biomedical and life sciences research.



For all enquiries about open access, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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